The Cantrell Report


This report is published every month to keep the multi-family owner abreast of the ever-changing market conditions that affect current and future property values:

  • Job Growth
  • Supply/Demand of Apartments
  • Rental Rates of Apartments
  • Interest Rates of Apartment Loans
  • Occupancy Rates of Apartments
  • Home Ownership Cost (to compare with apartment rents)
In addition, a timely topic is discussed by a local real estate professional.

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November 2010

October 2010
Aggregate Tax Rates for Select Texas Cities
By: Mark Cantrell, Cantrell McCulloch, Inc.


September 2010
ALN's Apartment Monthly News
By: ALN Apartment Data, Inc.


August 2010
Economic Recovery Strengthens
By: Real Estate Center Online News


July 2010
Texas Leads Economy Recovery
By: Bryan Pope, Associate Editor, Real Estate Center


June 2010
Job Gain Largest in 3 Years
By: Brendan Case, Dallas Morning News


May 2010
2010 Texas Property Tax Protest
Now in Full Throttle!


April 2010
Lenders Step Up Sales
Source: Real Capital Analytics


March 2010
Dallas Fed: Worst of Texas' Economic Woes Is Over
By: Kerri Panchuk, Dallas Business Journal


February 2010
Rate Expectations
By: Mark G. Dotzour, Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University


January 2010
Six Tips for Communication Clarity with Residents
By: Heather Blume, Behind the Leasing Desk

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December 2009
The Ins and Outs of Insuring Rental Property
By: Jeff King, CIC; Ramey King Insurance


November 2009
ALN's Apartment 3rd Quarter Review
By: ALN Apartment Data


October 2009
Select Texas City Tax Rates
By: Mark Cantrell, Cantrell McCulloch, Inc.


September 2009
Mayor Calls on CEOs to Move Firms to Dallas
By: Sheryl Jean, Dallas Morning News


August 2009
Texas Our Texas!
By: Wayne Williams, ALN Systems, Inc.


July 2009
Highlights from the 81st Legislative Session


June 2009
Study: Texas Ranks First for Business
Source: Dallas Business Journal


May 2009
Deregulated Electric Markets
By: Mike Burkett, President, Joule Energy, LLC


April 2009
2009 Texas Property Tax Protest


March 2009
Job Loss Worse in Years
By: Brendan Case, Dallas Morning News


February 2009
Property Taxes
By: Robert McCulloch, Cantrell McCulloch, Inc. (CMI)


January 2009
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December 2008
Rent Concessions
By: Wayne Williams, ALN Systems, Inc.


November 2008
M/PF YieldStar
Texas Apartment Construction Surgesbr>

October 2008
Rental Demand Surges in Quarter
By: Steve Brown, Dallas Morning news


September 2008
2008 Survey of Income and Expenses in Rental Apartment Properties


August 2008
Supply vs. Demand - Mid-Year 2008
By: Bonnie Brown, Senior Consultant, ALN Systems, Inc.


July 2008
Postings Up 18% in D/FW
By: Steve Brown, Dallas Morning News


June 2008
Dallas-Fort Worth Surges to No. 1 in Apartment Construction
By: Steve Brown, Dallas Morning News


May 2008
Dallas Morning News Article
By: Steve Brown


April 2008
Timeframes/Procedures/Calendar for 2008 Texas Property Tax Protest
By: Mark Cantrell, Cantrell McCulloch, Inc.

March 2008
Top 10 Resident Amenities
Top 10 Areas That Impact Lease Renewal


February 2008

January 2008
Texas Gains the Most Jobs
By: Brendan Case, Dallas Morning News

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December 2007
Dallas-Fort Worth Apartment Leasing, Rents Rise
By: Steve Brown, Dallas Morning News

November 2007

October 2007
ALN October 2007 Edition

September 2007
Renters Return en Masse
By: Steve Brown, Dallas Morning News


August 2007
Random Notes Concerning the DFW Multi Family Market


July 2007
Excerpts from Texas Apartment Magazine
David Mintz, CAA TAA Vice President of Government Affairs


June 2007
New Survey Finds 65 Percent of Homeowners Now Look Favorably Upon Renting Over Owning
By: National Apartment Association


May 2007
Sub-Prime Fallout Brings Change to the Capital Markets
By: William Elliott Carpenter, The Cantrell Company

April 2007
Equal and Uniform vs. "Sales Chasing"
By: Robert McCulloch, Cantrell McCulloch, Inc.


March 2007
ALN's Apartment Monthly News

February 2007
To Market, To Market
By: Edith Craig, Real Estate Center of Texas A & M


January 2007
Apartment Leasing Dives in 4th Quarter
By: Steve Brown, Dallas Morning News
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December 2006
Interest Rates

November 2006
DFW Apartment Summary by City

October 2006

September 2006

August 2006

July 2006
Apartment Inspection Services
By: Ron Janow, Vice President of Business Development

June 2006

May 2006
Why has Occupancy Improved? New Jobs & Population Growth
Source: Texas Workforce Commission and North Central Texas Council of Governments

April 2006
D/FW Among Top 10 Least Expensive Cities to do Business, Study Says
By: Dallas Business Journal

March 2006
Texas Ranked No. 1 for Corporate Locales
By: Angela Shaw, Dallas Morning News

February 2006
Business is Building Up North Texas
By: Joel Allison, Dallas Chamber of Commerce

January 2006
Dallas Fed is Upbeat
By: Angela Shaw, Dallas Morning News
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December 2005
Update of Texas Property Tax Reform


November 2005
Texas Employers Continue Adding Jobs Unemployment Rate Drops
Texas Workforce Commission Press Release

October 2005
Rates Are Going Up - Rates Are Going Down
By: Kirk Slemmer, Trans Lending Corporation


September 2005
Hurrican Creates Record Apartment Absorption in Dallas-Fort Worth
By: Christine Perez, Dallas Business Journal

August 2005
New HVAC Standards Do Not Require Replacement of Existing Units
By: Kathy Carlton, Apartment Association of Greater Dallas

July 2005
Apartment Rent Discounts
By: Bonnie Brown, Senior Consultant, ALN Systems, Inc.

June 2005
DFW Area Apartment Summary by Year of Construction
By: David Doerr, ALN Systems, Inc.

May 2005
Legislatures Fail to Fix School Finance

April 2005
Residential Housing Demand and Population Growth

March 2005
Equal and Uniform vs. "Sales Chasing"

February 2005
North Texas Population Tops 6M
By: Christine Perez, Dallas Business Journal

January 2005
Occupancy Rates for North Texas Multifamily Properties Hits a Record Low
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December 2004
Count Your Blessings

November 2004
Competition from New Home Sales

October 2004
Competition Keeping DFW Housing Prices in Check
By: Christine Perez, Dallas Business Journal

September 2004
Ratings Revolution
By: James Murdock, Multi-Family Housing News

August 2004
Federal Study Finds Mold Not a Serious Health Threat
By: Keat Foong, Multi-Family Housing News

July 2004
It's Time to Renegotiate as Insurance Rates Drop
By: Ray A. Smith, The Wall Street Journal

June 2004
Hiring Outlook Picks Up
By: Victor Godinez, Dallas Morning News

May 2004
Stuck in the Red? Try a Plunger
By: Shawn Handrahan, The Home Depot Supply

April 2004
Older Dallas Apartments Have Lost Momentum, Despite the Large and Steady Price Premium Commanded by Newer Projects
By: Jill Glass, MPF Research

March 2004
The State of the Insurance Market for Texas Habitational
By: Marilee Combs, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

February 2004
Another Deal? Why?
By: Michael Puls, Foley & Puls, Inc.

January 2004
Are We at the Bottom?
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December 2003
Joint Select Committee Discusses Revenue Options By: Michele Molter, Texas Apartment Association

November 2003
Electric Deregulation Resource By: Larry Duncan, Essential Utilities

October 2003
Property Tax Rendition Statute By: Robert McCulloch, Cantrell McCulloch, Inc.

August 2003
Drying Out - Science and Courts Find Mold Not Guilty By: Alex Hecht, National Multi Housing Council

July 2003
The Dallas Apartment Market: Then & Now By: Joseph W. Clements, MPF Research, Inc.

June 2003
Property Branding
By: Barbara Hamilton, Monticello Asset Management, Inc.

May 2003
Property Tax
By: Vince Jouret, Cantrell McCulloch, Inc.

April 2003
Disadvantages of "Free Rent"
By: Roland Freeman, Capital Consultants Realty Services

March 2003
Area Job Loss
By: Texas Workforce Commission

February 2003
Adjustable Rate vs. Fixed Mortgages
By: Sean Bushe, La Jolla Bank

January 2003
Misinformation About Water Billing
By: David Mintz, Texas Apartment Association
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December 2002
New Title Rates for Texas By: Phillip J. Shea, Fidelity National Title

November 2002
Remedy for Unequal Appraisal By: Robert McCulloch, Cantrell McCulloch, Inc.


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